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Shopping Auto Insurance in Knoxville, TN

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It seems everywhere you turn someone, or something is selling auto insurance. From handing out business cards and the elevator speech at your knoxville networking session, to hundreds of website companies, and even funny tv commercials promissing a savings of hundreds of dollars. Insurance companies have gone to the mattress to close the deal, they offer insurance discounts for newly married couples, multiple policy discounts for homeowners, business insurance and life, they even send junk mail and spam by the day about the premiums you should expect to pay. With all this static, shopping for insurance has become a chaotic chore…

Reality is, just about every insurance company offers these discounts, seriously! Our advice for shopping the Knoxville auto insurance market is easy, compare coverages and compare the premiums, but also compare the reputation of the agency and company that you are buying Knoxville auto insurance from. An advantage of buying auto insurance from John Bailey Company is simply our no pressure approach. We shop the insurance market for you, we offer advice about liability limits, uninsured and underinsured motorist, medical coverage, rental, towing, comprehensive and collision. We also want to be involved in the claims process, as insurance is our commodity, but service is our product. John Bailey Company is looking for auto insurance clients, who want a personal relationship. The belief that cutting the middle man out saves premiums, really does not represent the market when it comes to premiums or claims servicing. You may be suprised how much you can save in premium and how much a relationship with a knoxville insurance agency can help when a claim arises. The bottomline is not premium, but the real people who service you and your family.

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