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Should Campgrounds use Twitter?

Twitter gear accumulated on my La-Z-Boy chair at home this week.
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Twitter is so many things but to me its about six distinctive opportunities: Owning your news, marketing, customer service, promoting culture, finding info, and simply efficient communication.  I have experience with twitter and social media as part owner of a Knoxville, TN blog called Knoxify and my outdoor insurance agency, John Bailey Company does some online marketing. Honestly, what has really happened is hours and hours of research on campground websites messing with some twitter use; this has made me realize how important Twitter is to the campground industry.

First off, Twitter is full of thousands of people looking for something…looking for info on topics, directions, friends, and passions.  After reviewing my @rvparkinsurance twitter account I found so many great people searching for a vacation camping spot, referrals about what RV Parks to stay at, not to mention the amount of directories, organizations, journalists, bloggers, travel sites, tv channels, and magazines following campgrounds throughout the country.  If I was traveling the USA as a retiree or a lucky vagabond; twitter would be as important as my cell phone.  There are so many reviews, pictures, events, and comments about campgrounds and camping on twitter.  Great folks looking to connect others to their experience, and become connected to new ones.  What a great chance to invite these people to experience your business culture.  The best part about twitter is…its free, where else can you reach thousands of campers for $0.

Below are some ideas already creating buzz on twitter, some “easy” definitions to help others understand, and some advice.  As an RV Park Insurance agent my mission is to provide a specialized insurance relationship dedicated to our clients, and if I can help to grow your clientele….then that actually builds a healthy campground community and a strong relationship for the future of the campground industry.  I want to help you succeed as I have invested my time, family, and revenue in your industry.

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  • Social Media is a very simple idea, keep it simple.  Just tell us about you, your campground, campers, experiences, how many canoes or rafts you rented, the brand new bikes you purchased, how busy the pool is, events in your area.  All you are doing is simply telling us about your day to day operations.  Its not complex, its simple….just give us a peek inside.
  • Be yourself, simply be genuine.  People want to do business with those that give them a choice don’t push product, push your culture, educate the public on what it is that your campground provides.
  • Be positive, don’t be a Debbie Downer..or a One Upper.  No one wants to read sad, distasteful, or competitive comments.  Remember, Twitter is an open media – you can be held responsible for what you tweet.
  • Should the owner twitter, or an employee/marketing person?  That is a huge question, put the control in the person’s hands with the most knowledge, time, and enthusiasm.  Find the one who you think can represent the culture of your campground.
  • How will people recognize you? Use your logo, landmark, or a fun picture of yourself as a profile pic.  Your Twitter Picture is the brand, your mark..think Nike swoosh.
  • Make sure your bio contains a unique elevator speech with your website link.  Nothing long, again simple.  Example – A campground where the lake is your backyard then insert your web page
  • When registering on Twitter, they asked me for my email address, why?  You will receive updates on who follows you as well as Direct Messages from those who are interested in your campground or tweets.
  • What is @ mean?  It is part of your twitter name, when you want to mention someone in a post include the @ in front of their name.  That will que them and the followers on the open Twitter stream.
  • “Follow” those people who fit your interests, demographics, campground writers, and bloggers, industry reps, RV dealers, vendors, business consultants, teachers, campers, other campgrounds, pro athletes, Hollywood, and of course your friends.
  • What if I decide I don’t want to follow someone?  Well, that depends on you…remember you don’t have to follow someone because they are following you.  Its a choice.
  • How should I use the search button, that’s easy use it like you use google.  Type in RV Park, Campground, TACO, KOA, Yogi, camping, rv, rv dealerships, ARVC, or of course anything you want to search and learn about….like @masters
  • When twittering keep it to 140 characters or less (Twitter counts them for you) tell us whats going on at your campground, maybe link to an interesting article on the web about camping, sports, community activities, fishing activities, ATV trails and events in your area, music you like, etc..
  • The occasional link to your website or blog is great!  Tell us about your specials, the weather report, how big the fish that was caught, how many hook-ups you have, the fact that you sold out of firewood due to the cold weather….all that day to day stuff that you experience, tell your twitterati…that is true promotion.
  • I think one of the best things on twitter is being able to link to a picture that you took at your RV Park.  “A picture says a thousand words about your campground.”  How clean the bathrooms are, what does fall look like at your campground, what does an RV Slip look like?  You can do this via a site called Twit-pic
  • It is amazing how fast news and info travels, remember I said you can own your news?  Do just that!  Tells us about changes at your campground, where accidents on the interstate may be, where we can get a bite to eat in your area, what convention is held 20 minutes from your campground, hurricanes, wildfires, or even if the local college or high school football team won.
  • Engage your followers, ask them what products you should carry in your general store, about Wifi, sewer hook-ups, water, electric, jumping pillows, if certain picnic tables are important to them?  Twitter provides so many chances to ask your clients what they want…use that to develop your business.
  • Promote your followers, this is called Re-tweeting or RT.  If you like what I have to say RT it!  (RT @RVParkinsurance is enjoying smores by the campfire)
  • Giveaways, ask your followers a question, first one to reply receives a free stay, free firewood, etc..
  • Be Consistent, maybe even schedule your tweets into the day
  • Try it, if you don’t produce results in a few months…at least you have you have access to your twitter name…or your brand like @rvparkinsurance
  • Have fun, camping is fun!

There are so many ways to use Twitter for campground use….we want to hear from you?  What do you think, how can a campground use Twitter?  By the way, if you want to follow me personally check out @brandonclarke

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