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How to Blow Gourds Out on Thanksgiving

You know that person…….you know, the one who always tries to show his smarts at the dinner table. Whether its politics, or religion…and you’re like, man, “Just stop already,” “I came here to eat, drink, and watch football. I want to be uncomfortable after the meal, not during.”

Well….blow their Gourds out at the dinner table this year with these 5 Thanksgiving Stats

1. Did you know that Macy’s parade is the largest consumer of helium in the entire country!

2. Black Friday is like a hackers Christmas, don’t you remember the Target Breach, it occurred around Black Friday!

3. Minnesota is #1 in Turkeys. It has 450 Turkey Farmers, 600 Turkey Farms, Raises 46 Million Turkeys, and Economic worth of each turkey is $17.46

4. Texas is the No. 1 state for most turkey frying accidents. Here is how you fry a turkey correctly.

5. Tryptophan is in turkey, we all know that, but that is not the true reason for a nap. Try carbs, calories, and the fam! Here that Myth is busted.

Photo: Karen

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