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Don’t Slip

One of our many specialty insurance niches is restaurant insurance. A slip and fall  happens to be the largest worker’s compensation insurance claim we see. So how can you prevent a slip and fall in restaurants? Below are a few risk management tips that have helped our clients.

1.  Become obsessed with preventing slip and falls. To learn more reach out to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).

2.  Lots of study has been done on walking from “Front of House” to “Back of House” most of what we have read and experienced is that the front and back need separate procedures, cleaners, and cleaning equipment. Discipline in cleaning and routine seems to reduce the risk of exposure. Treat the two as separate tasks.

3.  Study your floors, know what they are made of and why they become slick. Maybe do a Floor Slip Resistance Test.

4.  Create employee checklist and training logs around the proper cleaning of the different floor surfaces including how to properly apply the slip resistant floor cleaner that works best for your floor and where to start and finish.

5.  A mat program is extremely important. Do this now.

6.  What about slip resistant footwear? Can shoes help to reduce slip and fall injuries? Yes they can. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, 24% of slip and falls are from improper footwear.

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