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Smoke Filled Air

Every time the office door opens in wafts the smoke filled air that has plagued parts of Knoxville since Sunday morning when the mulch at Shamrock Organic Products caught fire. Forty fire fighters arrived on the scene Sunday and still over twenty-four hours later fire fighters are still battling the blaze.

Smoke can be even deadlier than fires, especially people with heart or lung conditions, so please remember the smoke lingering in the air before working outside for any length of period. 

Remember the smell of smoke clinging to your clothes and hair the next time your homeowners payment is due, or when you shop around for an apartment and it’s time to look into renters’ insurance. Fire can do a lot of damage, but the smell of smoke stays around and it is really hard to get out of furniture and clothes and even the walls can be stained with smoke damage. The best fight against smoke damage is to act quickly because replacing and cleaning damage done by smoke can get pricey. So check with your insurance agent to ask about smoke damage. Most basic homeowners’ policies include smoke damages. For example, if your chimney flue were to close and smoke came into the house.


Until the fire gets under wraps and the smoke clears, please be careful outside and even inside when the doors open. I start a coughing fit every time the smell of smoke assaults my nose and it’s not fun.


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