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Some Advice for The Hartford Marketing Dept

The Hartford Insurance Company surprised me this week with a really moving marketing piece.  Lately, these guys have been creeping up on brilliant moves…but this one takes the cake and I think it is a game changer in the insurance world; as the client becomes the center of the movement…finally, right?  I want to offer some advice as an insurance agent and agency owner; and it is meant to help other agencies throughout the country, but also to help the Hartford understand us, and understand the consumer.

Hartford, your brilliant marketing and useful information is very hard to share online, so the end result is you are spending all this time and effort on a beautiful piece that could change the way insurance is viewed in this country; however you are not making an impact; because it can not be shared.

For example, I would love to show The Hartford’s most recent marketing brilliance Lumpy’s Ice Cream on this blog, facebook, and twitter….but I can’t share it easily.  The best our agency can do is post a link, but most our friends, followers, and readers will not even entertain it, nor do they want to go to a insurance website and honestly neither do I – We want to simply “Watch It” and share it because the end product is helpful.  Let us figure it out together.  Do you have a You Tube page, if so why aren’t these videos on it..why are they not shared on your Facebook and Twitter page? Seems like a great place to post these great entrepreneur videos, you may even drive some business to your subject matter’s business (That’s a total Win/Win).

Look where your agents and clients are, share with us in lieu of keeping your brilliant marketing materials close to the vest, and turning a small amount of new business/branding through your website…Brand your Relationship and let us help you…let us help you create a Remarkable brand promise. And Lumpy’s Ice Cream, keep doing your thing, if Hartford ever figures this thing out, it will be of great help to you, as your video hits millions of people!

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