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Tax Rebates Start getting paid this week

Creative Commons License photo credit: AComment

Who out there is ready for some extra bonus money courtesy of the United States Treasury? I have been brainstorming on different ways to spend mine and have come up with the following ideas:
1. Purchase a life insurance policy
2. Pay off student loans
3. Put it in an investment account
4. Flat screen TV
5. 120 $5 foot long sandwiches from Subway

The first 3, represent some ideas on the more responsible side, the other 2, not so much. Click here for some tips on how to spend your rebate. It discusses spending your rebate in your local community. If we were to all spend the money at local businesses, that’s millions of dollars invested within the local Knoxville community, as opposed to giant corporations.

To see when your tax refunds will come click on this link.

Author: Joe Morelock

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