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The Break Up Rules

So we all know there are rules to dating. One of the rules to dating is never break up with your significant other close to a holiday and with Valentine’s day around the corner; I thought maybe we should discuss and elaborate. While, this seems to be a manners thing; it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always the best option for you personally…on the other hand it’s just another few days; so why not just wait.  The key to the matter at hand is doing what is best for you at that moment. If your current relationship feels deeply about your success in life; and they are truly into you for you…then they will let you go; if you come back then “Hey” it’s meant to be, right?

With that said, now it is time to review another view to the break up rule.  Some people might say before a holiday is the perfect time for the break up. Now let’s review this thought, why is it best to break it off before the Valentine’s Day?

  • Cheap way out – You don’t have to buy a gift, or a dinner and that saves you money.
  • Better options – Maybe you realize the relationship is not going anywhere; and you find that the holiday presents an opportunity for  something better
  • The boring approach – You can’t take another date with your significant other…the simple thought of continuing on just brings tears to your eyes. The culture of your relationship is going no where and you simply just aren’t interested in continuing on..
  • The “Surprise” factor – Maybe your signficant other has a history of tricks up their sleeve, and that bothers you because you don’t want to go deeper into a relationship in which you feel like you are stuck.
  • A Mistake Made – What if a situation has occurred, which has made you disappointed and that frustration has caused a change of heart.

The funny thing is insurance works in the same way; and maybe your decision doesn’t revolve around your expiration date of the insurance policy.  Maybe the decision revolves around the true fact that you have a window of opportunity to move onto something better.  So here is the deal; timing is everything, but when the moons align and it is time for a safe leap it might not revolve around the effective date; or the above holiday scenario. Here are some examples of why you might move your insurance mid-term:

  • Cheap way out – If you want to move on because it will save you money, many times you can do that without losing out and your new agency should be able to help you in that decision.
  • Better options – If your relationship, or service could be better or your insurance coverage is less than desirable, than that  would be another time to dump your current insurance plan.
  • The boring approach – If your current insurance relationship is stale and you are looking for a culture that is a little more social and exciting you may make the jump.
  • The “Surprise” factor – If you have a feeling a surprise is on the way and you want something a little more stable you may jump boat to save yourself.
  • A Mistake Made – Maybe your insurance plan didn’t follow through with their promise and you need to sever ties completely and move onto another insurance courtship that insures you properly.

Just keep in mind that you need to review with the new insurance relationship your current situation, ask questions before you make the big step; discuss the pros and cons and determine if your move is the best option for you to move on with your life. That concludes our relationship advice (Haha); whatever you decide we hope that cupid shoots his arrow your way.

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