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The Dirty Guv’nahs on the Rise

We wanted to throw a shout out to the Metro Pulse: Knoxville’s best band over the last 3 years and John Bailey Co. client The Dirty Guv’nahs.

These guys are closest to the real deal that Knoxville has seen in a a long time. They’re gaining exposure in the national media and recording with rock n roll legends. Oh might as well mention that they’ve been on a tropical cruise tour with a grammy award winner while I’m at it.

They’re not only talented musically; they know what they’re doing on the business/marketing end of things too. Half of them have masters degrees. And we’re not just trying to help them sell tickets to their Bijou show tonight – that’s been sold out for a while. Enjoy the show and rock out tonight if you were lucky enough to get a ticket.

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