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The Future is Now

white thermostat at 62

Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

I always thought that when I “grew up,” I’d be most like my Mom. We not only look alike, but we act like as well. Then I moved out to Johnson City to go to college and I discovered something: I am my father’s daughter. Being a college student working part-time and trying to keep from living off student loans, I found ways to make a dollar last. One way was controlling the temperature in my apartment. I grew up with my Dad knowing if someone changed the temperature in the house by even a degree. When I was younger, I didn’t get it. I just thought it was a funny quirk. Now, on my own, I realize how quickly the electricity bill can rise.

So when I heard about the Nest, I was intrigued. Its a learning thermostat. Every time you change the temperature it learns. You can also change it with a phone app, so if you’re away from home and want to lower the temperature or raise it you can. Pretty nifty, huh.

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