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Weekend Renewal

Every now and then I crash, both mentally and physically.  This last week led me into an energy crisis.  My family and I had plans to get out of town and explore…I had plans of a 3 day weekend renewal. 

It is inspiring how life sends you in different directions and how family can center you again.  Escaping to the mountains of NC, we hiked, played in a waterfall, ate cookies, ran up mountains, cooked out, spoke to strangers, asked questions, listened, laughed, and we played, we had fun…and honestly I think fun has been missing from life recently…I just hadn’t taken the time to be.  Escaping from the riff raff nonsense, (the stuff that does make sense, until you are away from it), I had many renewal moments, but the one that really needs to be shared is when I met Marcus Thomas:

Marcus loves outdoors and recreation, according to his website he wanted to be an activities director for a reputable resort.  One day he fell and slid head first into the base of a tree, breaking his neck at the fourth cervical vertebrae. The crushed spinal cord left him completely paralyzed from the shoulders down. After one year of recovery and a determined pursuit for a fulfilling life, he discovered the art of painting.

 His picture is below:

Give his website a view, you will not believe his art and love of the outdoors.  This man gets life, he wants to know your name, he wants to know your wife’s name, your child’s name, he wants to know where you are from…why you are here, he wants you to meet his dog, his wife, he wants to invite you to ask questions. He is calm, patient, enthusiastic, charming, centered.  I enjoyed meeting him, he sparked renewal in my life and for that I am grateful.

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