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What is an independent insurance agent?

InsurorsMany people I have spoken to recently don’t understand what a Knoxville independent insurance agency is, or does. In a world full of insurance franchises, corporations, web companies, and even banks selling insurance the independent insurance agency exists as the true insurance entrepreneur. Knoxville is very fortunate to have such a great group of insurance entrepreneurs. At John Bailey Company we believe in our staff, in fact we encourage them to think outside the box, just like a small business owner. We believe to be a successful insurance agency we must focus individually on the Knoxville business owner and their needs in lieu of the financial statement. Renewals are the life blood of any agency, so if we focus on the independent insurance agency makes sense to take care of our existing relationships first. From there we look to connect with businesses who have a vision based on real people and decisions that safeguard them from potential losses. For more information on Knoxville and Tennessee independent insurance agents check out Insurors of TN

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