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What to do if Caught in a Wildfire

people walking near fire

Photo by Issy Bailey on Unsplash

Fires can happen quickly; wildfires especially. This past Sunday there was one up in the Pigeon Forge/Great Smokey Mountains area. Thankfully no one was hurt, but more than thirty rental cabins were destroyed. We’ve talked about preventing fires before, but what happens if you are caught in a wildfire? Here are some tips:

• Put a moist cloth, if possible, to avoid inhaling smoke as well as getting close to the ground.

• The best thing to do is to find a body of water to crouch in. If there isn’t any water nearby, try and cover your body with wet clothing or even wet soil and keep low to the ground. Do not try and outrun the fire. Find someplace with not a lot of vegetation and stay low until the fire passes.

There is not a concrete way to forecast a wildfire, so it is always smart to have an evacuation plan in fire-prone areas.

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