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Who Knew?

Little bit of interesting information for you today. Did you know that the first insurance policy in the United States came around in 1889 in Buffalo, New York? With barely 100 cars on the streets, Travelers wrote the first auto policy, with $5,000 in liability, to a Dr. Truman J. Martin for only $11.25.

I know what you’re thinking: if only my insurance cost me $11.25! But back then there was more horses and horse drawn carriages on the roads and surprising enough, people were more worried about what the loud contraptions would do to the horses than to anyone or anything else.

Working horses
Creative Commons License photo credit: Archway Andres

Now that the cars outnumber the carriages, the auto insurance industry has evolved and expanded to what it is today. I found this fascinating when I took a course to learn more about Personal Auto Protection and had to share.

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