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Will Tennesse Privatize Parks?

Tennessee is exploring the possibility of privatizing parks and that is important to us because we are located in Tennessee and we are specialized in outdoor and recreation insurance. If the state government moves forward in privatizing parks we hope they will also review the outdoor exposures and how they are to be insured as the insurance premium can be somewhat costly. From an insurance standpoint the process of leasing land to a concessionaire, adding the park to the liability policy as an additional insured, and insuring the property is nothing new. Below are classifications of parks that the state is reviewing:

  • Inns and Resorts
  • Campgrounds
  • Conference Centers
  • Marinas
  • Golf Courses


It’s also interesting to note that every recreation business is different and there is no cookie cutter approach to insuring outdoor risks like the above. The Tennessee park system is one of the best in the country, therefore the opportunity for a concessionaires to come in and do a fantastic job is there.

Read about the who, what, where of the 11 parks in Tennessee Request for Information (RFI)

Photo: Mark Doliner

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