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Roof Damage
 photo credit: Care_SMC

After the seventh phone call, Missy was about to give up. It was evident that

Mrs. C was suffering from memory loss and the phone calls kept coming.

Missy LeQuire, head of personal lines and a twenty-year employee, had

called that morning in January to let our customer know that her homeowner

policy would cancel the next day. She knew that Mrs. C was a long time

customer, but not until she looked back in file that day did she realize that

she was 99 years old and had been a customer for over 30 years.

We had no contact information about other relations. Missy knew

that if the policy cancelled it would difficult for a ninety nine year old

to obtain a homeowners policy. Missy made the decision

to pay the $250.00 on line and worry about the payment later.

After much discussion with our insured Missy went out to the

insured’s home and collected the premium. Since January she

has returned to collect two additional premiums.

Forward four months to April and the massive hail storm that

hit Knoxville. Mrs. C called and said that someone had told her

she might have hail damage. The claim was turned in to Hartford

Insurance Company. With the thousands of claims that the companies were

handling we were concerned that this claim would be put aside after their

contact with the insured.

Several days later Hartford claim adjustor Pat Farster called the office and

said that she had been in touch with Mrs. C. She felt that under the

circumstances that it would be best that Hartford handle this claim

differently. So Hartford has hired a contractor and will replace the roof

without the insured having to be bothered with the contracting process.

Thank you Pat for evaluating the situation and making the professional


This is who we are: An Independent Insurance Agency locally own

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