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Category: John Bailey Co. Team

Bench Warmer

Last night I went to the Rocky Top Basketball League and sat with a friend of mine, Brent Watts who coaches the First Tennessee team.

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Friends Rock!

Rusty….we haven’t posted since August of 2009.  I find it necessary today to say thank you to a few people who have encouraged and inspired me

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Meet Clara Williams

As John Bailey Company’s longest active employee (22 years and running), Clara keeps everything flowing smooth here around the office. She does everything from accounting

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Meet Missy LeQuire

As I switch it over to the personal lines department allow me to introduce Missy LeQuire. She is a Maryville resident who participates in local

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Meet Anne Bilbrey

Next, fresh off her vacation to Niagra Falls, comes commercial insurance expert Anne Bilbrey. Anne definitely keeps the wheels turning here at the John Bailey

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